Gewerbliche Pürierstäbe Und Mixstäbe
Series XS  

Commercial hand blenders and whisks

New range of hand blenders and whisks. Versatility, ergonomy, strength. Built to last.


  • Complete and versatile product range, designed to make different preparations with no need of add-on tools. 
  • Commercial Y-blade, made of tempered steel and equipped with a long lasting cutting edge.
  • Fixed or vario-speed (adjustable speed).
  • Designed to work with maximum comfort in recipients of 10 to 250 lt. of capacity. 

Maximum comfort for the user

  • Compact design: logical and manageable size in each series.
  • Ergo-design & bi-mat-grip: The external casing, in two materials, allows an ergonomic hold with an anti-slip grip and the handle features optimum inclination to minimise fatigue.
  • Click-on-arm: detachable arms with quick and safe locking. 
  • Hoods designed to avoid splashes during work.
  • Intuitive use: very simple operation. Includes warning light when the machine is connected to the mains and, from 30 series on, two-colour leds to indicate the status of the appliance.

Built to last

  • Professional performance: they are capable of carrying out prolonged work without overheating. 
  • Life-plus: equipped with a motor which has passed all of the most demanding usage tests. 
  • Studied geometry: casings designed to avoid rolling and falling.
  • Easy to clean: the arms can be washed under the tap. 10-series arms are dishwasher-safe.
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Leistung 240W 240W
Elektrische Anschluß --V / 50-60Hz / 1~ --V / --Hz / --~
Drehzahl, min-max 1500 - 15000 rpm 1500 - 15000 rpm
Liquidiser function
Maximales Fassungsvermögen des Behälters 10l --l
Durchmesser des Schneidemessers 44mm --mm
Blade guard diameter 65mm --mm
Länge des Pürierstabs 223mm --mm
Gesamtlänge 448mm --mm
Whisk function
Kapazität (Eiweiss) -- - -- -- - --
Länge des Mixstabs --mm --mm
Gesamtlänge (mit Mixstab) --mm --mm
Nettogewicht 1.4Kg --Kg
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