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Automatische Wasserenthärter

Vermögen 12 oder 26 lt. Programmierbar.

Using these devices will lower operation costs, improving system performance and equipment lifespan.

  • Their operation involves food grade ionic exchange resins, that absorb calcium and magnesium salts from water.

  • Automatic single-unit water softener with a fibreglass cylinder and an “autotrol” valve.
  • The electromechanical time valve features a timer to schedule the number and the frequency of regeneration cycles, based on the assumed water consumption and hardness.
  • Weekly timer programming; the timer can be programmed to carry out from a minimum of one regeneration per week up to a maximum of one regeneration per day.
  • Regeneration phases: - Counter current salt water intake - slow rinsing - fast rinsing - restoration of the brine - operation
  • Fast unions to connect to the brine.
  • Water mains´ connection: ½", ¾" with mixer, 1" with mixer.
  • During their regeneration water softeners automatically enter By-pass mode allowing non-softened water to be used.
  • Compact design.
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